Ian O Malott

Selected Works

I believe humanities natural desire to connect with the world around them gives way to creating extra-ordinary experiences in people through design. As such, I believe design has a job to do. That job is to take a mindful look at the world we live in and decide where we go next. I believe it is a designers responsbility to be informed, curious, and empathetic. Design must have a perspective if it is to make any sort of tangible change in the world.

My approach comes from inspiration usually originating outside of the studio and comes to fruition at the intersection of analog and digital processes. I find myself most creative when immersed in nature, music, literature, and film.

I believe design (in its commercial forms) is accountable to industry, but has a responsibilty to serve society. I believe “strategy” is not a line item and “sustainability” should not be a product claim; I believe good design is inherently strategic and sustainable. I believe design is problem-solving, but also problem-finding. It can encourage people buy, and should encourage people to think. I believe design is a medium in which an idea lives to help people come to a realization of what the world is, could be, should be, and who we are in it.

I believe I am the amalgamation of my history, my family, and my experiences. It is my hope to translate those experiences into something of value for others.