Tide Evo is brings the best of all Tide detergents into one simple, sustainable, and effective cleaning tile.

Tide Evo

Tide Evo is Tides newest laundry innovation. It brings the simplicity of pods, the cleaning power of liquids and the chemisty of powder into one simple, plasticless, sustainable detergent that is better for you, your clothes, and the planet.

Procter & Gamble

The ‘Book’ Package Design

The package design had one simple constraint, no plastic. Designing this was no easy feat exploring full paperoard, pulp and hybrid options that could also bring in Tides rounded bullseye equity that could run at the rates we needed it to.

Engineering a Loading System

We had to design an entirely new to world packaging line to take tiles from the converting line and laod them into the box. they system we designed uses trays of different sizes and orientations to enable different shelf proportions that are easy and understandble to the consumer.

Expanding a Brand Architecture

Leveraging Tides iconic assets, we set out to create a sub brand under Tide that linked the simplicity and sustainabiliyt of the form. Highlighting its weight efficiency and waterless form. Bringing organization and clarity to the laundry process.

Motion Exploration

We developed motion principals across different touchpoints for the brand, arrival, use, and disposal to exhibit the personality of the brand and form, showcasing its simplicity and plasticless, easy to recycle packaging. All animations we created with a partner agency.

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