Ian O Malott

Selected Works
Tide Ecobox

The emergence of online shopping as a primary way brands and products interact with people has upended the criteria for what makes a package safe, effective, and “consumer prefferred”. Heavily controlled and stable supply chains are being replaced by the rigourous journey through mail carriers to a consumers door. There is a new set of rules. And these rules exist outside of the confines of the shelf. In many cases, packages break or spill causing a mess of blue liquid goo. This was the case for Tide. Their bottles were designed for the shelf; not for “the last mile”, and as such, they were breaking in shipment. The Ecobox is the response to these new challenges. Designed specifically for the ecommerce supply chain this package is more durable, reduces weight, water, shipping complexities, and is 65% less plastic than the comparable Tide bottle. Its the same Tide you love, just a smarter package.

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Procter & Gamble


Spring 2018


Problem Framing
Sketch Ideation
Package Design
IP Strategy