Swivel is the worlds first essentialist cookwear set designed with space in mind. Swivel houses 10 essential cookware items - 1 pot, 2 pans, 1 baking dish, 1 universal lid, a santoku knife, pairing knife, tongs, spatula, and 2 cutting boards - all within in 1 square foot.

Swivel by Common Kin

Counterworthy cookware. That was the mission I set out to accomplish with this project. It developed into a frame of mind, clarity over clutter. The cookware space is full of beautiful products, in use - but the storage component is never considered. Just hidden away into a cabinet. Swivel is designed for people who dont have the space to hide away large cookware sets, whether that be small apartment, RV & Vanlife or dorm rooms, but still want quality cooking tools at the ready.

Personal Project

Opportunity: Counterworthy Cookwear
The truth is, you dont need a 14 piece cookware set with a 20 piece knife block to cook yourself a nice dinner. Most people don’t have space for such luxuries anyway. 86% of the US population, and 68% of the worlds population live in urban environments where the avg square foot apartment is ~750 sq ft. Traditional cookware is not designed for these environments. 


Storage Solutions

There were three approaches to storage that I considered prior to diving into the ideation process.


Nesting pots and pans into one another
to mitigate overall footprint used
for storage 


A swiveling base structure that enables
footprint minimization and easy access to
any of the items / utensils


A simple shelf system could 
allow for minimazation in footprint but could
result in high vertical space needed

Ideation Process: Slideshow

A slideshow that goes from inspiration, profile sketches, renders and a final sketch render.

The Solution

A swiveling base structure that houss all of you essential items in less that one square foot. Below the swiveling structure there is a base which houses a shelf which stores you 2 knives, spatula and tongs, and below that, 2 cutting boards that slide out.

Swiveling Storage:

Easy access to any piece, anytime you need it.

Folding Handle:

The folding handle, inspired by camping cookware enables the space saving design and minimalist aesthetic.
Universal Lid:

Housed on top of the swiveling base, a universal lid fits both the grill pan, smooth pan, and sauce pot.

Utensil Drawer:

Tongs, spatula, santoku knife, and pairing knife are all stored within a pull out drawer.

Package Design

Our packaging allows for Swivel to shipped ina. fully built state and also secures the swiveling structure in place, securely. Shipped with no plastics or styrofoam, the packaging solutions cues back to Common Kins mission of clarity over clutter. When the consumer opens and takes Swivel out of the box, it is completely ready to use. 

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