Ian O Malott

Selected Works
Nike ATS Cleatplate

The Nike ATS (Artificial Turf Surface) Cleatplate is a response to the observation I had while coaching highschool varsity soccer. I noticed that even though most major sportswear brands make soccer cleats specifically designed for artificial surfaces, everyone still wears firm ground cleats. I believe this is due to the fact that turf cleats were originally designed for indoor soccer, and are not designed for the play style of the outdoor game. Additionally, there are certain environmental factors that exist while playing on natural surfaces that do not exist on artificial surfaces (mud, rocks, uneven playing fields, etc...). The absence of these factors, allow for a more technical cleat plate design that addresses the unique problems & opportunities presented in the outdoor artificial surface game.

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DAAP Capstone Project


Spring 2017


Opportunity Framing
Sketch Ideation
3D Modeling