Ian O Malott

Selected Works
Modul Statement Chair

The home is oftentimes viewed as a place of comfort. In many ways, this is created by the objects we buy and subsequently use. These objects create for us either a conscious or subconscious expression of our identity that one is inherently comfortable in. MODUL is a brand that challenges the purchasing of the unnecessary and replaces it with the essential.

MODUL is an examination into the use of brand and domestic home goods, namely the Statement Chair, to reject the acquisition of the extraneous and instead move toward the conscious decision to buy only what is needed. This is not always easy or comfortable. Inspired heavily by Brutalist architecture the MODUL Statement Chair exudes its lack of concern to appear comfortable and instead imposes its unpretentious honesty through the use of raw materials and straightforward construction and language.

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Spring 2017


Furniture Design